RE: backup deleting old files

Robert Mibus writes:
 > the backup conduit not deleting files that had been deleted on the palm was
 > one of the most annoying things for me (the toggle option did nothing).

Hmm. interesting. it actually does *nothing* ;)
 > try this patch (diff'ed against gnome-pilot-1.0.52's backup_conduit.c). i
 > would appreciate comments, queries, flame, etc :)

Looks fine to me.

 > if you don't want to trust your backups to it, comment out the unlink()
 > line. if you want to see the messages, go to a console, type
 >   killall pilot_applet
 >   killall gpilotd
 >   pilot_applet
 > hopefully the patch is good enough for you guys & gets committed. (as
 > opposed to me getting committed :)

I commited the patch as is, with unlink. However what I'd really like
to see is an option to preserve previous N states of the backup. If
anyone has time and desire to do that, it'd be nice to have, I think.

 > (the patch is also @ incase
 > the attachment doesnt 'stick' to this message.)


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