Re: Hard to find memo bug (Was: Visor Support)

I had that one once :) Forgot about it since I've switched to List
rather than memo for most palm stuff.  The memo bug I run into
occasionally is creating 7 or 8 blank memos on the palm ( I can't
recall which category ).

Chris (Christopher A. Craig) writes: 
> The CPU load jumps up for a few minutes and ~2GB of data is written to
> a file named "empty" in the catagory "Unfiled"?  I found it occurs
> everytime you create and delete a file between two syncs and I think
> the attached diff fixes it.  I submitted this to about
> two days ago, but I haven't gotten a response, so I don't know if
> any maintainer has gotten it yet.

Chris Green <>  <>
Logic, my dear Zoe, merely enables one to be wrong with authority.
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