RE: StandardAbs (was: RE: dlpRecAttr* flags in pi-dlp.h)

Vadim Strizhevsky writes:
 <discussion of hackish nature of original proposal snipped>
 > It's kind of very unnatural to the synchronization paradigm. In fact I'm
 > begining to think I should take back my earlier suggestion of using
 > StandardAbs for this (it will work with above hack but is correct
 > semantically?). Perhaps you better off doing it all manually similar
 > to current state of expense conduit,  except with the desired behaviour. 

I think you're right, but it's fundamental to the problem.  
It's really not a synchronization at all, it's exporting from the pilot.

 > How about if you have a special (user definable?) category (Unfiled by 
 > default?) from which all entries are added to gnucash and then
 > automatically moved on the pilot to a different category (Filed?). Or
 > perhaps optionally deleted. 
That's an excellent suggestion.  I think I might use just such a
method.  It shouldn't be too difficult a job to code it either.  I'll
have a go and hopefully some actual code won't be too far away (though
a complete system will take a while).

Thanks for all you're help.

Robert Merkel	                 


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