dlpRecAttr* flags in pi-dlp.h

I've finally found the time to have a look at modifying the expense
tracker conduit to support gnucash, and examining the existing code
to try and get it to only read new records.

It appears that reading the expense data from the existing conduit
does not modify any of the attributes (ie dlpRecAttrDirty is 
true for all records, and any archived records have dlpRecAttrArchived

Based on the comments in pi-dlp.h, dlpRecAttrDirty is set if the
record has been modified (presumably meaning "since last
synchronization operation), and dlpRecAttrArchived is set if the
record is to be archived at the next synchronization.  I further
presume that these flags should then be cleared after synchronization.
Am I correct, and where do I go looking for functions to do this

TIA for any help.

Robert Merkel	                           rgmerk@mira.net


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