ANNOUNCEMENT: gnome-pilot 0.1.51

Announcement is also at

GnomePilot 0.1.51
 * Availability
  o Development code available from the Gnome CVS server, module
    gnome-pilot, this release has tag GNOME_PILOT_0_1_51.
  o Also available from in .tar.gz,
    i386.rpm and .srpm form.
  o Additional conduits (currently only the MAL conduit) are now
    available in the gnome-pilot-conduits package, cvs module
    gnome-pilot-conduits, this release has tag
  o Also available from in .tar.gz,
    i386.rpm and .srpm from
 * New since last release
  o conduit progress stepping no longer locked, but can now be
    set in ~/.gnome/gnome-pilot.d/gpilotd.
  o gpilotd hopefully slightly more stable when pilot cancels/is
  o sync can continue after the set_userinfo, thereby
    eliminating the revive requirement.
  o memo_file should hopefully be really fixed now.
  o bug fixes.
 * Stability
   I still wish to point out, that parts of the synchronization code
   is untested, since there still are no completely finished
   conduits. However, the logic required by the existing conduits
   (eg. the GnomeCalendar conduit) checks out ok.
   Also the memo_file conduit may sometime create invalid memo's on
   the pilot.
 * Additional notes
   To try the druid, do a rm ~/.gnome/gnome-pilot.d/*, and start the
   PilotSync applet (pilot_applet)
   The gnome-pim conduits are packaged with gnome-pim. rpm's of
   gnome-pim 1.1.5 are available at .
 * Bug reporting
   I am especially interested in bug reports reg. getting the
   package up and running on a vanilla installation. This includes
   both bugs, and suggestions for making installation easier.
   If you encounter problems, please use for bug
   reporting, and remember to include the following (if possible);
  o Output from gpilotd. Eg. if you have problems with a
    control-center applet, first do a killall -9 gpilotd
    (WARNING: this is linux only, don't do this eg. on Solaris),
    then run gnomecc from a terminal, and capture all the
  o Stack traces, after gpilotd coredumps, do a echo where | gdb
    `which gpilotd` core, grab the output and include in your
    bug report, this makes it so much easier for me to find the
  o Even better, use bug-buddy to report bugs after a coredump,
    but please, try and figure out what causes the bug so you
    can tell us how to reproduce it.

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