Re: undefined symbol xmlParseFile

Settled then, and now I have something real to do  :)

Eskil: Can you point me in direction of the original code and what I
need to do to get to it.


Brian Lalor writes:
 > On Thu, 14 Oct 1999, Vadim Strizhevsky wrote:
 > >  > Are you volunteering for this ? Or am I reading too much into your mail ?
 > >  > :-) 
 > > 
 > > I volunteer unless Brian really did mean to do it. 
 > Sorry, no time. :-P  I may be willing to test it, tho...
 > > That makes sense. I don't know if a same user will even want to sync
 > > to both, but I can definately see different users wanting one or the
 > > other.
 > I work a lot with Emacs, so I'd want to work with 'em there.  I really
 > can't imagine what you'd need XML for.  There aren't that many properties
 > for a memo, are there?  Private, category, memo text.  Some meta-file
 > could be maintained that kept the various flags, and then new memos just
 > get default options.  Maybe create directories for the categories...
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