Re: The queue

Thanks Eskil, although my pizza hasn't arrived yet... (-:

It seems to mostly work.  Right now, the only problem I have is knowing
how to remove it from the queue.  I wrote a little program quickly in
gnome-pilot/conduits/file/ called gpilot_install_file.  It naively
installs the file in all pilots available -- I'm quite sure what the
best interface should be.  Maybe a command-line switch to be added???

Anyway, I am using:
gpilotd_install_file ( pilot, file, GNOME_Pilot_PERSISTANT, 0);

to install the file.  This correctly places it in the queue, and will
install the file when a sync occurs.  However, even though the syncing
of the file will take place, it will leave an entry in
~/.gnome/gnome-pilot.d/queue, and it will try to install the (now)
non-existant file every other time you sync.  I would think that the
conduit would want to do it, as it actually unlink()'s the temporary
file.  However, I'm not sure if that's the right place to do so (for
that matter, I'm not 100% sure that GNOME_Pilot_PERSISTANT is what I
want to be using...)

> > Should I just use gnome-config directly?
> I'll kick you if you do that, the hack will be entirely dependant on the
> current format of the queue, and the use of gnome-config was a "temporary"
> (yeah) thing, until either XML or something else was put to use.

I assumed that gnome-config was very much the wrong (tm) thing to do...


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