Re: The queue

On Mon, 19 Jul 1999 wrote:

> Hi guys,

Do you _really_ think its safe to assume 100% maleness of this mailinglist
?:) (prove me wrong somebody!)

> I was interested in adding a little hack to GMC to let you install .prc
> and .pdb files into the queue so they'll be installed next time you
> sync.  While I doubt there is any documentation on the queue, does

None of the structure of the queue files.

It's interface is found in gpilotd/queue_io.h. The most interesting call
from you perspective would be gpc_queue_store_request with a newly created
GPilotRequest as parameter.

> anyone have any ideas as how best to add entries?  

The "purest" way would be to use the idl or client lib ; 

1) #include gpilotd-app.h and perhaps gpilotd-app-dummy-callbacks.h
   (latter implements dummy callbacks for the callbacks)
2) call gpilotd_init(...) - init client side stuff
3) call gpilotd_connect(...) - connect/spawn server
4) call gpilotd_get_pilots(...) - get pilot id's
5) call gpilotd_install_file(...) (uses pilot id)
6) call gpilotd_shutdown(...) - empties your trash and brings 
   pizza & vhs's

see utils/gpilotd-client.c for (hideous) example of use.

> Should I just use gnome-config directly?

I'll kick you if you do that, the hack will be entirely dependant on the
current format of the queue, and the use of gnome-config was a "temporary"
(yeah) thing, until either XML or something else was put to use.


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