Re: New conduit stuff...

On Wed, 7 Jul 1999 wrote:

> 1) create a libgconduit that conduit authors can use.

For easier "inheritance" from the objects ?

> 3) Write new conduits... (-:

yeah, they'll be swarning the CVS server within days... 

> If people can check over what I've done, and comment on it some, I'd

I've looked at it, and it looks as complicated as one would expect it to,
when GtkObject enters the stage. Really ; it looks good, I'll check it in
details and begin converting memoconduit & emailconduit for testers,
hopefully later this weekend or beginning of next week.

Perhaps the stuff from lib-gpilot should also be GtkObject, or perhaps we
should stop harassing people who want to use it.


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