New conduit stuff...

Hi guys,

To avoid working too much in a vacuum, I checked in some of the new
conduit stuff.  As it will break all existing conduits, I committed it
into a separate branch (newconduit).  Here's a quick description of what

1) gpilot-conduit.h was removed, and replaced with gnome-pilot-conduit*
2) manager.c was rewritten to use the new stuff (and cleaned up a bit in
3) so was gpilotd.c

It seems to work somewhat with a dummy conduit that I wrote (ie, with
stubs only.)  I think it's pretty straightforward code, anyway.

What's left to be done?

1) create a libgconduit that conduit authors can use.
2) convert the existing conduits.
3) Write new conduits... (-:

If people can check over what I've done, and comment on it some, I'd
apprectiate it.  I'm going out of town this weekend, starting tomorrow,
but I'll play with it some more this monday.


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