Re: New conduit stuff...

> On Wed, 7 Jul 1999 wrote:
> > 1) create a libgconduit that conduit authors can use.
> For easier "inheritance" from the objects ?

Not really -- so that an app developer can distribute conduits
that compile independently from gpilotd.

> > 3) Write new conduits... (-:
> yeah, they'll be swarning the CVS server within days...

That'd be nice... (-:

I got the backup conduit to work this morning with the new system, and
checked it in.  I'll also make sure the capplets work too with it -- I
hope I didn't break it too badly.

> > If people can check over what I've done, and comment on it some, I'd
> I've looked at it, and it looks as complicated as one would expect it to,
> when GtkObject enters the stage. Really ; it looks good, I'll check it in
> details and begin converting memoconduit & emailconduit for testers,
> hopefully later this weekend or beginning of next week.


> Perhaps the stuff from lib-gpilot should also be GtkObject

That seems like overkill.
I think it's fine as structs...


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