RE: Address book now (was Re: Calendar stuff)

Bruce Stephens writes:
 > Bruce Stephens <> writes:
 > > The address book conduit appears to work,
 > Hmm, I spoke too soon.  This also seems a bit unstable.  It more or
 > less works if I add a record on the Palm: when I synch, I get
 > basically the right information in the GNOME address book, with the
 > occasional spurious control characters and odd text (for example
 > "N:Simpso;Roy & MargaretMenu. Then tap Options9" was one line).  Then,
 > if I edit out the junk, and synch again, things seem to stabilize.

My guess is, that this is the pesky "\n" problem that keeps buggin
it. (or more acurately bugging me.) You have newlines in your entries
right? The latest CVS _should_ fix it, or at least behave better. But
again I'm experimenting on how to best to handle "\n" so another
iteration maybe necessary. gnomecard really doesn't deal with \n well. 

Folks, if you've been having problems with newlines or junk, can you
please try cvs version of gnome-pim and report back the results?  That
would really help me out.

 > But just now, the address book seemed to be so junkified that the
 > address book wouldn't read it at all, so I had to edit it by hand.

Is there any other junk than "=A0=" ? If yes, please let me know what
kind of junk it is (=A0= is a new line, and should be ok.)

 > Adding an entry in the GNOME address book just doesn't seem to work: I
 > get an empty record on the Palm with what look like control characters
 > added after the name.

Well that is strange actualy. There's currently a feature/known bug
that if you add/modify entries on the gnomecard they _will not_ be synced
to the pilot. This is because there's no way that the gnomecard 
can identify which entries have changed. This is something that needs
fixing in gnomecard and will probably not happen very soon. You can
copy records from gnomecard to pilot by changing the sync type to
"copy_to_pilot", but this blows out all current pilot records, so you
only should do it after you all synced up.

Now I don't understand why you got empty records with control
characters on Pilot. That definately shouldn't be happening. Is this
easily reproducable? and if yes can you tell me what steps you did to
get there. 

 > Er, what's going on?  Where's the corruption happening?  (i.e., if
 > this is all working for everyone else, which program should I
 > recompile?)

This the first release of this conduit, so it is bound to have some
problems. If you can answer my questions above, it will help me
greatly to track them down and solidify the conduit. 


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