Re: gnome-pilot installed...

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999 wrote:

> ... Now what do I do? 

Start writing conduits ? :)

> What I really want to do is sync my calendar into Gnome Calendar. I heard
> that this was possible. Can anyone confirm this? Better yet, can anyone
> give me a pointer as to HOW to do this?

Not via gnome-pilot. Theres a program in gnome-pim/gncal/ that should copy
your pilots calendar into gnome-cal, but I've never tried it. The problem
is, noone has written the conduit for syncing the calendar.

> Also, what conduits are available for the address book and for setting the
> time of the Pilot.

None and none. But as soon as the new conduit api is done (99.9% now),
I'll be happy to help in writing these :-)


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