Re: Two issues in newconduit

> Ohla...
> 1) secret records ; As the current code is, gnome-pilot-conduit-abs does
> the dlOpenDB, and not the conduit implementation. dlOpenDB parameters
> specify whether or not, secret records can be accessed. Three options
> (afaics) then present themselves :
> 	1.1) gpilotd dictates whether or not secret records are available
> 	for standard conduits, eg. via a config option pr. conduit.
> 	1.2) gpilotd asks the conduit, which option it wants, conduit
> 	config can then decide.
> 	1.3) the conduit does the open call.
> My brain is porridge right now, so I can't decide, but I think I like 1.2.

Perhaps we want 1.3, not 1.2, and put it in the sync-abs stuff?  I like
the fact that gnome-pilot-conduit-standard only has 5 methods.

> 2) a conduit needs to do some work before the sync, but after the db is
> opened. This work is reading/unpacking and processing of the AppInfo block
> (contains settings for the app that owns the DB, eg. category names). I
> propose two calls in standard conduits, a pre-sync and post-sync. Pre-sync
> is called after the db is opened, but before the synchronization begins.
> Post-sync is (surprise!) called after the synchronization ends.

Good Idea.
Is this for all the synchronizations?  Ie, will this occur for
copy_to_pilot, copy_from_pilot etc, or just synchronization?  Either
way, I went ahead and added the pre and post signals to the conduit.
You just need to add them to the appropriate place.


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