Two issues in newconduit


1) secret records ; As the current code is, gnome-pilot-conduit-abs does
the dlOpenDB, and not the conduit implementation. dlOpenDB parameters
specify whether or not, secret records can be accessed. Three options
(afaics) then present themselves :
	1.1) gpilotd dictates whether or not secret records are available
	for standard conduits, eg. via a config option pr. conduit.
	1.2) gpilotd asks the conduit, which option it wants, conduit
	config can then decide.
	1.3) the conduit does the open call.
My brain is porridge right now, so I can't decide, but I think I like 1.2.

2) a conduit needs to do some work before the sync, but after the db is
opened. This work is reading/unpacking and processing of the AppInfo block
(contains settings for the app that owns the DB, eg. category names). I
propose two calls in standard conduits, a pre-sync and post-sync. Pre-sync
is called after the db is opened, but before the synchronization begins.
Post-sync is (surprise!) called after the synchronization ends.


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