Re: Two issues in newconduit

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999 wrote:

> > 	1.3) the conduit does the open call.
> > My brain is porridge right now, so I can't decide, but I think I like 1.2.
> Perhaps we want 1.3, not 1.2, and put it in the sync-abs stuff?  I like

> copy_to_pilot, copy_from_pilot etc, or just synchronization?  Either
> way, I went ahead and added the pre and post signals to the conduit.
> You just need to add them to the appropriate place.

Yes, you'll almost always want to unpack the info. (only always, you can
just use the category numbers).

I'm not quite "clear" yet. Afaics pre/post_sync aren't called, should they
be called eg. first and last in
gnome_pilot_conduit_standard_real_copy_to_pilot, and pre_sync begin
responsible for opening the base ? (then we have to pass that pointer back
upwards, or place the db_handle in gnome_conduit_standard_abs).


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