Re: Control center and conduits

On Fri, 18 Sep 1998, Michael Fulbright wrote:

> I think we should use the control center as well, but this requires
> that the conduit config programs can recogize they are running as
> capplets and use the capplet_widget, etc etc. I guess people might
> want to run them standalone as well, though I think most people will
> be using the control center if they have gnome installed.

Hmm, well is there any way to get a control center applet to also run
stand alone by doing any tricks?  Also, the various conduits will have
some properties in common like the pilot's default sync method, whether or
not to run on normat sync etc.  These should look the same across all
conduits.  In order to do this we should have a gpilot_conduit_capplet
widget that every inherits from.  I am not sure how to deal with the UI
issues but maybe we can just have the standard options in a vbox and allow
the descendants to populate another vbox?  The descendant is then
responsible for implementing the save methods and calling the parent's
save method for the default options.  Maybe this same parent can implement
the standalone behavior if possible.
> I can convert the conduit config programs to capplets very quickly if
> y'all want to go that way. I strongly recommend it.

Well see the issues above.  I don't know that a quick conversion is the
best way to go.

> Also - is the CORBA interface to gpilotd-lib in the state I can read/set
> things like syncPCid, pilot username/id, and craddle port/speed? If
> so, how would I use this interface (test code, etc)?

I doubt it.  Eskil has been working on this but I don't think anything is
finished or working yet. I still have very little spare time.  My classes
at grad school just started and I have not yet found out about my TA
assignment.  The department keeps scheduling meetings for new students so
I am quite busy.  I should have some time to work on this stuff this
Saturday though, but I may be at home where I have no computer to work on
, only windows boxes :(.  Sunday night is a possiblity as well so we will

Manish Vachharajani

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