Re: Control center and conduits said:
> Hmm, well is there any way to get a control center applet to also run
> stand alone by doing any tricks?

As I understand it, we write a .desktop file for each capplet. This
has a command line to execute the capplet - so we could run

memo-conduit-properties --capplet

to make it act like a capplet. W/o the --capplet, it would be a normal
GTK/GNOME program.

I'm not sure I understand why we wouldn't just make them capplets tho -
we pretty much are assuming people have GNOME installed if they
run the properties program, don't we?

As far as implementing widgets that present the same attrbiute in
multiple capplets (like default sync method), I think the code to
create these widgets is simple enough we won't lose too much if people just
copy the code around.  If there are most compilcated widget configurations
that multiple capplets will share, we may need a library to properly
share the code.

I'm not exactly sure why gpilotd is worried about how to invoke the
conduit configure program - could you explain this?

If its really required, there will be a way to start a capplet from
the command line, so we can have gpilotd start the configure capplet
that way.

Dr Mike

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