Re: gpilotd-lib.idl - which is the right one?

On Wed, 16 Sep 1998, Michael Fulbright wrote:

> There are two gpilotd-lib.idl in gnome-pilot - is the
> one in drafts/ or drafts/idl the correct one?

drafts/ is the first one, drafts/idl/ is me trying to get pilot & corba
working together. When the corba functionality is moved to gpilotd, that
directory will die.

If youre looking for conduiit configurationi programs, you should look in
gpilotd/gpilot-conduit.h, conduit.uimethods.run_configuration or
something. Loading of conduits is done in gpilotd/manager.c.

> Could someone when they have a chance clean out the obsolete files?

I'll delete whatever I have of obsolete stuff later today.

Now I'm quite late, talk to you later...


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