Re: gpilotd-lib.idl - which is the right one?

On Thu, 17 Sep 1998, Eskil Heyn Olsen wrote:

> If youre looking for conduiit configurationi programs, you should look in
> gpilotd/gpilot-conduit.h, conduit.uimethods.run_configuration or
> something. Loading of conduits is done in gpilotd/manager.c.

Some of the stuff in manager.c should move to a library.  Feel free to
use the gpilot_load_conduit[s] call[s].  They will move into a library
with those names.  For now you can cut and paste the code, later when the
library is ready we can delete it.  Other things in manager.c won't move.
At some point I will rename some of the functions so that anything that is
moving to the library is prefixed with gpilot_.  Any library call that
deals specifically with manipulating gpilotd, via CORBA or whatever, will
be prefixed with gpilotd_.  gpilotd's internal names won't be prefixed.
Maybe I will do this first, possibly tomorrow evening.
> > Could someone when they have a chance clean out the obsolete files?
> I'll delete whatever I have of obsolete stuff later today.
> Now I'm quite late, talk to you later...
> eskil
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