gpilotd & corba


First of, a hint. Buy an extra stylus, drill a small hole in the
right/left upper corner of your keyboard (ofcourse ensuring you don't
damage eny electronics inside), now use hole as holder for your extra
stylus. The most useful of all the handiwork I've done in this flat... (no
patent pending) 

I've committed a working version of drafts/idl/*, things worked better
when not linking with both libglib and libglib-1.1 (duh!).

Before I start moving it into gpilotd, I'd like your opinions on some

1) gpilotd registers its IOR in .gnome/CORBA-Servers (the global one will
use a global CORBA-Servers, whereever that might be.
2) gpilotdlib will ensure, that the application will call a single 
init method and all calls go through local wrappers, thus no haggling with
the orb.
3) the fileinstall (the one method I plan to implement soon) will copy the
file to /var/spool/gpilotd/$USER/, since it will be erased by the
4) Currently, I'll store all requests as files /var/spool/gpilotd/$USER/,
and let the name/contents indicate what to do, and the forked gpilotd will
read these upon sync. (any security issues here that I'm missing ?)

You'll have a couple of days to ponder on this, I'm probably won't do
anything till the weekend.

Think thats it for now, the admin tool is still collecting dust, as is the
config read library, and some of the docs could use updates.


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