Re: gpilotdlib & corba

On Sat, 12 Sep 1998, Eskil Heyn Olsen wrote:

> Oy...
> I have just added some sample code in drafts/idl/, its a first tryout of a
> program that listens to connections on /dev/pilot and for corba requests. 
> You can (perhaps) compile it using the makefile, probably needs some
> tweaking if you've got pisock elsewhere then /usr/local/lib.
> Anyway, after compile, you get two programs, le_test and test_client,
> first run le_test, it adds it IOR to ~/.gnome/CORBA-Servers, starts
> monitoring /dev/pilot and for incoming corba requests. If you sync, it
> will display the user information and nothing else.
> When test_client is run, it gets the IOR from ~/.gnome..., connects and
> tries to execute gpilotd_daemon_request_install. 
> le_test gets the parameters to request_install, and displays them,
> however when returning, it ends in a mighty sigsegv, at least on my
> beast. The sigsegv in somwhere inside ORBit, when it tries to generate the
> reply message, I cannot tell whether I'm at fault or the version of ORBit
> I am running.
> But its a start, I'm right now recompling me orbit, using the stable
> source for 2.1. Peek at it, and let me in on your thoughts, if any :)
> eskil
> ---

Cool, if this stuff does what we need in gpilotd it will save me loads of
time.  I appreciate you jumping ahead with this, some unexpected
circumstances has made my time incredibly scarce.  Maybe I can get global
gpilotd working this next weekend as well as all the hooks in gpilotd for
CORBA.  If you have plans to do this though, don't wait for me, go right
ahead.  If I see a major problem I will try to let you know my opinion
before it is too late :).

Manish Vachharajani

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