gpilotdlib & corba


I have just added some sample code in drafts/idl/, its a first tryout of a
program that listens to connections on /dev/pilot and for corba requests. 

You can (perhaps) compile it using the makefile, probably needs some
tweaking if you've got pisock elsewhere then /usr/local/lib.

Anyway, after compile, you get two programs, le_test and test_client,
first run le_test, it adds it IOR to ~/.gnome/CORBA-Servers, starts
monitoring /dev/pilot and for incoming corba requests. If you sync, it
will display the user information and nothing else.

When test_client is run, it gets the IOR from ~/.gnome..., connects and
tries to execute gpilotd_daemon_request_install. 

le_test gets the parameters to request_install, and displays them,
however when returning, it ends in a mighty sigsegv, at least on my
beast. The sigsegv in somwhere inside ORBit, when it tries to generate the
reply message, I cannot tell whether I'm at fault or the version of ORBit
I am running.

But its a start, I'm right now recompling me orbit, using the stable
source for 2.1. Peek at it, and let me in on your thoughts, if any :)


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