Memo conduit and stuff


Now that we have a list, I may have an audience ; 

The state of the memo conduit is now quite good (well, better). Look at
the README in conduits/memo for details on how to manipulate local files,
and especially what not to do (messing up will most likely result in
duping most of you records, but can also result in loss of records).

I haven't had time to look more into the config loading library, but also
fear that its a bit futile, since the few programs that wants to load the
config (gpilotd, capplet and admin) each have their own agenda, and each
need to store the goods in their own tables etc. But basically, the
load/unload methods of manager.*[ch] are quite usefull, and I might end up
just putting clones of these into a library. Comments ?

And I have also begun peeking at the email conduit again, but I can't say
anything definite, especially since I think that the gpilotdlib is more
important and I'd prefer to get that one started up again.


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