Re: db program for pilot

On Thu, 3 Dec 1998, wrote:

> I've tried the program, looks decent and could be a good alternative to
> JFile. (one thing bugged me, you couldn't insert new fields after the
> last). 

I've been reworking the database design screen. It will be more like JFile
and MobileDB's screen where all field positions are listed and you just
fill in the ones you want. (Ins and Del buttons would still be there.)

> However, the gnome-pilot project is mainly focused on writing a sync
> daemon, and conduits for existing gnomeapps. So developing for PalmOS, is
> not the main goal of the project.

My plan wasn't to have gnome-pilot develop PalmOS apps but rather see if
any people on the list wanted to help in creating a separate project that
would develop open source PalmOS programs. The only reason why I posted
here was that the a) I helped a little with gnumeric and b) gnome-pilot
made me think "hmm ... palm pilot owners who like open source stuff".


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