Re: db program for pilot

On Sun, 29 Nov 1998, Tom Dyas wrote:

> I'm posting this message here since I assume you all like the Pilot and
> open souce.

Sounds like a fair assumption.

> I would like to get feedback on the program (and/or help). If you are
> interested, please go to:

I've tried the program, looks decent and could be a good alternative to
JFile. (one thing bugged me, you couldn't insert new fields after the

However, the gnome-pilot project is mainly focused on writing a sync
daemon, and conduits for existing gnomeapps. So developing for PalmOS, is
not the main goal of the project.

But, three is the gnome-db project, described as "Database access and
Database frontend for Gnome applications" and which has a driver for
postgres. So possibly, we could begin with a simple conduit for CSV bases,
and later work on a conduit, which imported FreeDB data into a local
database via gnome-db, whereby you'd get a real nice integration between
the two products.

Does anyone else from the list have opinions/ideas ?


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