Re: db program for pilot

On Thu, 3 Dec 1998, Tom Dyas wrote:

Sorry for the late, december month, as always, just sucks time...

> My plan wasn't to have gnome-pilot develop PalmOS apps but rather see if
> any people on the list wanted to help in creating a separate project that

I don't think theres that many on the list unfortunately, even though
there might a couple of curious lurkers :)

> here was that the a) I helped a little with gnumeric and b) gnome-pilot
> made me think "hmm ... palm pilot owners who like open source stuff".

And I think it could be interesting, to work on creating free stuff for
pilot, that works with gnome programs, eg. creating DB that worked with
gnome-db, a spreadsheet that worked wth gnumeric, a gnome-time-tracke
alike PalmOS app etc. 

So keeping in touch, working on having full connectivity between gnome
productivity programs and the pilot would indeed be a valuable project.


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