Re: GNOME 1.4 RPMs for RH 6.2 and 7.0

On 8 May 2001, Gregory Leblanc wrote:

> So, has anybody actually tried these RPMs, other than myself?  How do
> they look?  What are the bugs in them?  

[The following pertains to the RH 7.0 packages, although I expect it to be
the same for the 6.2 packages.]

The main problem I've noticed in the RPMs is that many files default to
user and group of gleblanc:

warning: user gleblanc does not exist - using root
warning: group gleblanc does not exist - using root

Now that I'm looking at things (basically just doc stuff) a little closer,
I see a few other problems.  They are:

1) control-center, gnome-media, gtop, and glade don't seem to have any
docs (sgml or html).

2) These packages are missing omf files:

These are the ones where, at a short glance, I think the fault may be with
the spec files (although I'm not looking at the spec files).  Other
packages are missing these due to problems with the original packages,
typically work which did not get done in time for 1.4.

Looking at the spec files in plain-gnome in CVS....

For (1):

$ fgrep help control-center.spec gnome-media.spec gtop.spec glade.spec 

control-center.spec:helps to make your computer easy to use.
control-center.spec:Control-center-devel helps you create the 'capplets'

So, it looks like gnome-media.spec and glade.spec are missing lines, while
gtop.spec should be fixed.  I'm not sure what is going on with

Grepping through all the spec files in plain-gnome in CVS, it looks like
there are several different entries in the %files sections.  Perhaps we
should pick one which works well and use it uniformly.

For (2):

$fgrep omf control-center.spec gnome-applets.spec glade.spec
gnome-games.spec gnome-media.spec gtop.spec ghex.spec 


Again, all of these spec files need an omf line added except
control-center, which seems to be broken for some other reason.  Grepping
through all the spec files, only control-center.spec, nautilus.spec, and
scrollkeeper.spec have the omf directory explicitly listed under %files.

> I'd like to put them on ASAP.  

That would be great.

BTW: It would be a good excercise to do 'rpm -qlp foo.rpm' for each of the
plain-gnome packages and their {SuSe | Mandrake | Ximian} counterparts to
see the differences and identify any relative omissions.  I think these
other packagers left out a number of files as well.


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