Re: packaging files in CVS

regarding including debian/ directories in CVS... in my opinion
coordination with the debian maintainer (if he exists) is all-important.
 I maintain galeon in debian... right now I don't really have time to
worry about making a debian/ dir compatible with galeon CVS, but someone
else has taken the trouble.   I am happy with this, so long as the
galeon developers don't include it in the releases, because I would then
have this debian dir in my way and would have to spend time dealing with
the issue.  Eventually I will probably want to maintain the debian/ dir
in cvs and make galeon-cvs packages... if/when I have more time... and
at this point it will be important to coordinate with galeon upstream to
make sure that just anyone doesn't screw with it without my knowing,
thus making my job alittle harder

that said, integrating debian/ dirs in cvs can still have benefits :)


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