Re: Base distro + Requirements definition

mån 2002-06-24 klockan 02.21 skrev Jeff Waugh:
> <quote who="Mikael Hallendal">
> > As Seth has explained APT/dpkg doesn't fully fill our requirements
> > either so we would need to put lots of effort into that as well.
> That's okay - it's a small problem compared to the benefits of the existing
> distribution.

Hmm ... you _DO_ know that Gentoo is an existing distribution and as
I've explained loads of times, we would be able to use it as a base.
Later on when we have Bagheera we swap the package tools and get
everything we need.

Sure, we could just choose to go with Debian as base. _BUT_ lets do so
on real grounds then, not saying things that are equally true about the
other options.

A little table (probably missed some points):

                                Debian     Gentoo/Bagheera      Red Hat
Exists                            Y           Y  /   N             Y
Actively developed                Y              Y                 Y
Easy to give back                 ?           ?  /   Y             N
Infrastructure in place           Y           Y      -             Y
Installation process we can use   N              N                 Y
Easily worked package format      N              Y                 ?
Good API against package system   N           N      Y             ?
Fulfills our requirements         N           N      Y             N

_But_ as I said in a previous mail. It would be _much_ easier to take
the right decision about which distribution to use for base _after_ we
have the requirements in place. Then we would have a better knowledge
how much of the current choices we could use without changing in any

Perhaps we can fully use all packages we are ever going to need from
some distribution. Then Debian sounds like a good choice to me.

If we are going to have to change lots of packages then I don't think
Debian is a good choice. Setting up a Debian build system is from what
I've heard _not_ an easy task.

So if everyone could put there personal preferences aside and lets
decide on the requirements and what we want to do here.

  Mikael Hallendal

Mikael Hallendal                micke codefactory se
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