Re: Where to now?

tis 2002-07-02 klockan 09.33 skrev Jeff Waugh:
> <quote who="Mikael Hallendal">
> > I think this is where the wiki is good. If we put the stuff there we
> > have a somewhat-structured document that we can later restructure into a
> > "real" document.
> > * Look into whether we are going to need our own build server
> These two go together... What should we do? I *might* be able to provide
> some internet accessible server power, but not a lot of hosting. Perhaps
> that would be a good build box that can sync elsewhere? Dunno.

Yes, I can get machine+inet-access too. Not sure exactly what we need

> > * Decide how to interact with Debian
> > * Make a list of packages to ship
> > * Learn how to make ISOs from a subset of Debian packages
> There are cool cd-imaging-from-chunks-of-packages tools for Debian, so this
> point should be fairly straightforward.

OK, great, any pointers to where I can read about them?

  Mikael Hallendal

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