Re: New gnome sdk images

On fre, 2015-01-23 at 15:36 +0100, Alexander Larsson wrote:
I updated the images at and with the latest builds.

I updated these again. New in this version is:

* -devel packages not from yocto renamed to -dev to match the yocto
  package names
* org.gnome.Platform contains python3 and pygobject3
* added separate runtimes org.freedesktop.Platform/Sdk that only contain
  X/mesa/wayland/dbus/pulseaudio, and none of the gnome stack (other
  than glib). This is a smaller runtime (~200 meg instead of ~400 meg)
  which could be useful as a base for e.g. games, or things that don't
  require a lot of extra dependencies (and thus is likely to be more
  widely compatible with different host OSes and sessions).

  By virtue of building from the same source these images share most
  files with the gnome ones, which means most files in them will be
  shared on disk via ostree if both repos are installed.

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