GUADEC, status, my plans

[ Repost of my message to the dead gnome-future list ]

Hi all,

It was a good meetup at GUADEC.  Basically my plan is to keep working
some more on the GNOME-OSTree builds, since I'm already finding it very
useful in my daily workflow.  Along with that, my regular time in patch
review, etc.  Basically the same thing I've been doing for the past

I'm working simultaneously on making /etc writable (so NetworkManager
can save wireless networks), and looking at systemd.

Note this is not my primary job, so my available time will be

If you're interested in the build system, please do join
ostree-list gnome org.

However, I did spent a bit of time to toss up a brief wiki page with my
thoughts on apps from a technology perspective:

There's actually a lot not covered by this wiki page, like:

* Which exact version of glibc
* How to cover "multiarch"; my feeling on that is we should adopt the
  Debian conventions.  Would require OpenSUSE/Fedora/RHEL to maintain
  a database mapping them to their libdirs, but that's not too hard.

Anyways, clearly having some sort of basic application story is going to
be important if one buys into an OS/application split as OSTree forces.

Incidentally, GDM works again:

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