Re: libgnomeoffice* plugin management

Am Mittwoch, den 12.01.2005, 19:15 -0500 schrieb David Malcolm:
> I've reorganised Conglomerate's plugin API to correspond closely to the
> one used in libgnomeoffice, but we don't actually use it yet.  I plan to
> do so once libgnomeoffice is readily available in the popular
> distributions.

  Well, in my opinion we should just specify a date from which on
applications should hard depend (read: don't configure without) such a
plugin system. So basically we can try to get this system into our
applications around the same time, so distributions who want to ship
e.g. Gnumeric need to ship such a plugin system which the other apps
depend on too. (I, personally, won't ship a library in a distribution
until it's used.)

> (Conglomerate doesn't _actually_ have plugins yet; they're still all
> compiled into the main executable; they do go through a plugin-style
> registration/discovery interface, though)

  So I think it would be great if you could elaborate your requirements
to a common plugin system so we can start working on it. If GOffice is
supposed to release 3 months after GNOME, we still have 6 months for
this, which should be okay to implement, use, test and stabilize it.


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