Re: libgnomeoffice* plugin management

Am Donnerstag, den 13.01.2005, 11:32 +0100 schrieb Jean Bréfort:
> You should also have a look at libgoffice. It is still not independant
> from gnumeric but it will happen hopefully soon. Jody might tell you
> more about the delay.

> libgoffice has plugin support and also a charting engine that might be
> used in criawips/

It hasn't you can try to find it at [1] but you will fail. You will find
it in Gnumeric's tree [2].

[2] (see plugin*.[ch])

I don't think that just copying and pasting will be enough, as different
developers expect different features; e.g. I'd like to see things like a
FileFormatService that specifies mime types that it can read; other
people might want to have specified whether plugins can be loaded at
runtime or whether they need to be loaded at startup. The plugin system
of Gnumeric is e.g. not based on interfaces and so I'd like to design a
new/modified plugin system.

To make it usable for most of us, we need to discuss what we need and
what we don't need, so there won't be neccessary major changes within
the near future (as requirements may change I don't talk about 2 or 3
year scopes).


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