Re: GO Website

On Thu, Jul 08, 2004 at 01:27:13AM +0200, Marc Maurer wrote:
> Hi there GO-Hackers,
> The current GO-site is really really starting to irritate me (no,
> really). So, I just got myself a gnome-cvs account, and I'm planing on
> updating it myself (if no-one objects that is).

Amen.  We need something.  After a fantastic start things have
'slowed' a bit.
> Plan of action: I'll set up a site on my own server first, and when
> everyone kinda-approves, I'll commit it.
> Point of discussion (and we should keep this really really really
> short): which site to take? I can fill in content, but I terribly suck
> at html/css/whatever.
> Any proposals?

At this point while it would be nice to get consensus from the
various interested parties I'd rather see something done.  Trelane's
work on the new Gnumeric site has a nice structure and could use
some polishing, potentially it would make a good starting point.

The reality at this point is that you'll get lots of feedback and
quibles but probably not alot of concrete help right now.

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