libccc: criawips' cairo-based canvas (using gtkcairo)

Hi all,

  I just started to play around with gtkcairo because I got stuck with
some limitations of the gnome-canvas that I hope to be able to solve
when developing a cairo based canvas.

My current aims are:
  * get a high level canvas using cairo
  * get rid of issues like we have in gnome-canvas (e.g. text cannot
  * have a gnome-canvas-like api
  * use gobject interfaces for some things and lots of signals to make
    extending more easy (e.g. 'zoom canged' signal would have helped to
    fix the GnomeCanvasText things)

I'm playing around within the criawips CVS repository on
There's neither something that works yet nor much stuff, I just want to
tell you about my plan to be able to get feedback before I introduce
some issues that you had with something similar.

The code is located in the criawips/src directory and consists of the
cc-* files.


PS: I hate cross-postings, please continue this thread within
criawips-devel nongnu org and DO NOT reply to other lists. Thank you
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