GO Website testbed

Hi All,

I just set up a cvs sandbox for our GNOME Office web development
efforts. I hope this will be a good starting point for getting our new
website up and running. Some instructions below:

Getting the website using CVS:

export CVSROOT=:pserver:anoncvs 130 89 227 64:/home/go-sandbox

cvs login      (password is "anoncvs")

cvs co go-www

Viewing the current site:

The 'live' website can be seen at:

It is updated immediately after every commit, so it is always up to

CVS accounts:

Drop me a mail if you want to have cvs write access. 

Please state your intentions, the username you want to use, and the
password hash you like to use.

A password hash can be generated using for example the "htpasswd" tool.

Example: htpasswd -c blah myusername

Type in the password, and send me the file "blah".

Alternatively, you can send me the plain password if you are lazy or
don't mind.

<end of instructions>

Hopefully, this will be the starting point we need (and hopefullu I
don't offend any efforts done by other people getting us a nice new
site) ... !


Marc Maurer <j m maurer student utwente nl>

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