Re: GO Website

> >Just a little food for thought, food that doesnt matter as much as
> >getting real material really in cvs, for real.
> FWIW, there is real code in CVS:
> It uses XHTML1.0 strict with a couple of stylesheets and SSI (for
>   maintainability without implementing it client-side).

Now that's an interesting starting point; I didn't know that site existed (did I miss something?). What about we use that code as a start, import it into the 'go-sandbox', and let people work on it? Not all people that have access to the 'go-sandbox' have a gnome cvs account (and should not need it), so this would be a nice place for further GO-site development.

Would that be a good start, or do you (trelane?) want to do all development in gnome-cvs?


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