Re: Why Inkscape is not in GNOME-Office??

On Mon, Aug 09, 2004 at 05:36:49PM +0100, Alan Horkan wrote:
> You and I both know well that there are not enough active Developers for
> Dia as it is without adding extra pressures of Gnome office integration
> (Dia is slowly but surely making progress).
 Yes and no.  I'd hope that the relative trade off would be
 positive.  The more technologies that document centric applications
 can share, the easier the work load should be.

 Something like libgsf for the i/o layer should be helpful
 and takes care of things like symlinks, and setuid properly for

 In the long run I'd love to be able to use dia objects in Gnumeric.
 With a decent mapper to/from xls we'd also be able to handle them
 in .doc and .ppt files.

 I have zero interest in politics and forcing anyone to do things
 against their wishes.  However, given the paucity of resources
 we're all facing it seems like there would be some advantage to
 pooling developers for common tasks.  I'll put my money were my
 mouth is and do the extra work to write the code.  The next step
 will be getting it into use.

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