Re: Why Inkscape is not in GNOME-Office??

On Sat, 7 Aug 2004, J.M. Maurer wrote:

> Date: Sat, 07 Aug 2004 23:44:55 +0200
> From: J.M. Maurer <j m maurer student utwente nl>
> To: Charles Goodwin <charlie vexi org>
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> Subject: Re: Why Inkscape is not in GNOME-Office??
> On za, 2004-08-07 at 19:47 +0000, Charles Goodwin wrote:
> > It probably will be in the nearish future.  (There is little reason not to.)
> (Disclaimer: I think inkscape truely rocks)
> IMO there is: it is not an "office" application.

Microsoft inlcude Visio in some versions of thier office suite. Draw.

I think being useful and relevant is one (amongst *other reasons) of the
most imporant reasons to consider including an application like Inkscape.

Most office suites have a presentation application which lets users get by
if they want to bang out a quick drawing.  Currently gnome office
does not fill that niche at all, and in some small way at least having a
vector graphics application could help compensate for that.

> It would be great in a GNOME Art suite or something like that though.

There is not yet Art/Graphics Suite for Gnome or even Gnome and KDE
(Scribus is so good I have to float the idea of a cross desktop graphics
suite making a lot of sense).

It is not a bad idea to include Inkscape in Gnome Office if the developers
are willing and able to make steps towards better integration* and
synchronising releases*.

Inkscape is moving towards using many of the same libraries as gnome
office applications already, and it it mostly seems to be a question of

Fitting into Gnome Office is seems to be mostly in line with their
priorities but my understanding is that they do not want to risk limiting
themselves or making promises just yet.  I am hoping Bryce will soon be
able to respond and make things clear.


Alan Horkan

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