Re: Gnome Office updates

> >> Unless Gnome Office is going to be ruthless on a 'advocate one app
> >> only  for each task', which is not something I would have thought we
> >> would  want to be doing.

It would be aq taad hypocritical of us to advocate along those lines
given that we're complaining about our apps being removed in favour
of OOo using the same logic.

I'd also like to say that I'm not in favor of an all-inclusive approach. I think that - in order to present a viable, cohesive, and coherent front - we must choose best-of-breed applications.

We should only have one of [Inkscape, Sodipodi]. We should only have one of [Evolution, Balsa, Spruce]. Etc....

As it stands, we're viewed as a small set of apps that don't exactly fit in together as an office suite. A mess, if you will. If we start adding lots of duplicate apps, apps of (arguably) lesser quality, and apps that have marginal relation to a typical "office suite" package, all we're left with is a bigger mess.

Gnome Office is, in large part, about branding. That brand should not be a rubber stamp doled out at will. If it is, it not only tarnishes the Gnome Office brand, but also those apps that have been branded by it.


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