Re: Updates

On Sun, 2003-12-07 at 17:24, Charles Goodwin wrote:
> I'm about to start on some html updates for the Gnome Office website.
> One of the questions I've been asking is: "What is Gnome Office?"  At
> the moment, the answer is AbiWord, Gnumeric, and Gnome-DB.
> Should anything else be referenced, other than as an external link, on
> the Gnome Office website?

If you're also listing candidates for eventual inclusion in Gnome
Office, I hope that that list will include Conglomerate.

My understanding is that we need to have made a stable release before
this can happen;  I hope this will happen within the next two months;
you can get an idea of our plans here:

I hope that our plan seems sane to you all; whether Cong gets into Gnome
Office at 0.8.0 or at 1.0.0 is an open question.

> - Charlie
David Malcolm

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