Re: next GO release

On Mon, 8 Dec 2003, Martin Sevior wrote:

> Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 19:20:30 +1100 (EST)
> From: Martin Sevior <msevior physics unimelb edu au>

> Subject: Re: next GO release

> > right, I talked with Jody about this, for copy/paste from GnomeDbGrid
> > widgets. If we agree on a format to use, then I guess this is an easy
> > task. But what format? is (X)HTML really what we want?

> What ever format we pick should be able to handle rich text markup as well
> as tables. (X)HTML seemed like a good common denominator since evo
> supports it as well and there is some chance that OOo could be persuaded
> to support it.

I was playing with OpenOffice680 (moving towards 2.0, all the 1.0 graphics
are scribbled out with 2.0 in its place) and it offered XHTML export but
exporter required JAVA which I didn't happen to have on that machine.

> I happy to hear arguments for other formats though.

You know better than I do that XHTML is the best choice for now but in the
longer term the standard might be the way to go.

Just as the Abiword developers used RTF for all the clipboard operations
to force themselves to use and improve it, similarly it might be
worthwhile for Gnome Office to force itself towards the OpenOffice

I am not strongly advocating this or even saying it is necessarily good
idea, I am just making the suggestion for others to consider.

> > > AbiWord will move towards full exploitation of libgsf. At some stage we
> > > will take advantage of the Gnumeric shading code. We have the backend to
> > > now write text over images but there doesn't seem to be much interest in
> > > this functionality from our users so it prolly won't happen before 2.2.

> Well I would love to see progress on SVG printing too. I think I might
> start trying to understand it detail myself. Anyone got good
> recommendations for books on SVG, PS and PDF?

- Alan H.

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