Re: next GO release

On Sun, 7 Dec 2003, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> >  I'd also like evo to display
> > attachment's in-line with AbiWord and Gnumeric again. I haven't had a
> > chance to follow up on why attachments no are longer viewable inline using
> > the AbiWord and Gnumeric bonobo components.
> >
> hmm, they should be viewable, I don't know of any change to make them
> not display.

There is a gconf key that needs setting. With this set AbiWord doc's get
inlined into a 25 x 25 pixel square! Oh well.

I need to open a bug for this in evolution.

Gnumeric doesn't appear to work at all at getting inlined in evolution but
it could be an issue with local verzsion.

> > We have got to get proper copy and paste between Gnumeric and AbiWord
> > happenning. ie
> > Select cells in gnumeric press copy, click paste in abiword and a nice
> > table with the cells properly formatted appears (and vice versa). I think
> > this is mostly AbiWord's issue but our (X)HTML importer only needs a
> > little more work until it's capable of importing Gnumeric's XHTML.
> >
> right, I talked with Jody about this, for copy/paste from GnomeDbGrid
> widgets. If we agree on a format to use, then I guess this is an easy
> task. But what format? is (X)HTML really what we want?

What ever format we pick should be able to handle rich text markup as well
as tables. (X)HTML seemed like a good common denominator since evo
supports it as well and there is some chance that OOo could be persuaded
to support it.

I happy to hear arguments for other formats though.

> > > * Jody seems to be moving the graph engine to libgoffice, so that's
> > > another shared thing that can somewhat be called integration, but, what
> > > other things could be shared?
> > >
> >
> > AbiWord will move towards full exploitation of libgsf. At some stage we
> > will take advantage of the Gnumeric shading code. We have the backend to
> > now write text over images but there doesn't seem to be much interest in
> > this functionality from our users so it prolly won't happen before 2.2.
> >
> > > I think we should probably start having a detailed plan for each of the
> > > 6-months time-based releases.
> > >
> >
> > Yes. Although just sticking to a plan in the AbiWord project is a bit
> > difficult. Interesting ideas crop up and sometimes horrible bugs you don't
> > expect require urgent attention plus of course I never know how much time
> > our hackers will actually have. I am often surprised (pleasantly and
> > otherwise :-) about who contributes how much.
> >
> well, I mean a simple, step-by-step plan for GO integration. Something
> that all GO apps can do in a decent time. That would not include, for
> instance, moving to the shared plugin system for GNOME 2.6, since it
> seems to be a task pretty big. But we can start planning and working on
> it for GNOME 2.8.

Yes. I agree. The XML description, localization and delayed loading
stuff are very useful to the abiword project. I must admit though that I
have more pressing issues that need addressing for 2.2.

It would help if there was a clear document that describes what we plan to
provide. Then I could post that on the AbiWord list and ask for

> Other things to do, which could be pretty easy, is the copy/paste stuff
> you mentioned. Can we come to a "standard" to be used?
> Then, the graph engine in libgoffice would be a pretty good thing. I'm
> not sure how difficult is that, Jody?
> I think this could be a good simple plan for the next release. But we
> really should have a continous plan on things to work to make apps
> integrate better, at any time.

Well I would love to see progress on SVG printing too. I think I might
start trying to understand it detail myself. Anyone got good
recommendations for books on SVG, PS and PDF?



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