Re: next GO release

On Sun, 2003-11-23 at 10:08, msevior physics unimelb edu au wrote:
> > On Sat, 2003-11-22 at 00:10, msevior physics unimelb edu au wrote:
> >>
> >> If we can keep to a 6-month time-based releases we can release updated
> >> versions of Gnome-Office in synch with the Gnome-desktop releases
> >> anyway.
> >>
> >> BTW I think there is still every chance AbiWord will have a decent 2.2
> >> release in about 4 months time. How are other apps tracking?
> >>
> > libgda and libgnomedb will have a 1.2 release at that time, with cool
> > features like updatable data models (ie, no more SQL needed). Mergeant
> > might be ready, but if it continues at the same pace it is now, I doubt
> > it'll be ready :-(
> >
> > We should, apart from preparing the apps' releases, prepare a plan for
> > the next GO release. So, some questions we should answer:
> >
> > * what happened to the plugin system we were talking about? Are app
> > maintainers willing to move to that shared plugin system?
> *I* think it's a good idea. Unfortunately no one in the AbiWord community
> has volenteered to take it on.
yeah, not only abiword, nobody has really sat down to start the work on
it. Could we start using the current plugin system in gnome-office and
thus have it as the base for extension?

> > * what other integration issues should we work on?
> Depending on how my next major challenge works out, (an Equation Editor)
> I'd like to see some sort of embedding framework worked out. Either bonobo
> or something else - (SVG maybe?)
> I'd also love to see proper native support for SVG (rendering on-screen
> and printing) in time for the next release. It's getting pretty tight at
> this point given the amount of work that's needed.
> I'd love to see more integration with Evolution. I'd like us to have full
> access to the addresbook and calendar.
yeah. I am going to resume work now on the gda-evolution thing, now that
it is much easier to use Evolution stuff with the new evo 2.0 API.

>  I'd also like evo to display
> attachment's in-line with AbiWord and Gnumeric again. I haven't had a
> chance to follow up on why attachments no are longer viewable inline using
> the AbiWord and Gnumeric bonobo components.
hmm, they should be viewable, I don't know of any change to make them
not display.

> We have got to get proper copy and paste between Gnumeric and AbiWord
> happenning. ie
> Select cells in gnumeric press copy, click paste in abiword and a nice
> table with the cells properly formatted appears (and vice versa). I think
> this is mostly AbiWord's issue but our (X)HTML importer only needs a
> little more work until it's capable of importing Gnumeric's XHTML.
right, I talked with Jody about this, for copy/paste from GnomeDbGrid
widgets. If we agree on a format to use, then I guess this is an easy
task. But what format? is (X)HTML really what we want?

> > * Jody seems to be moving the graph engine to libgoffice, so that's
> > another shared thing that can somewhat be called integration, but, what
> > other things could be shared?
> >
> AbiWord will move towards full exploitation of libgsf. At some stage we
> will take advantage of the Gnumeric shading code. We have the backend to
> now write text over images but there doesn't seem to be much interest in
> this functionality from our users so it prolly won't happen before 2.2.
> > I think we should probably start having a detailed plan for each of the
> > 6-months time-based releases.
> >
> Yes. Although just sticking to a plan in the AbiWord project is a bit
> difficult. Interesting ideas crop up and sometimes horrible bugs you don't
> expect require urgent attention plus of course I never know how much time
> our hackers will actually have. I am often surprised (pleasantly and
> otherwise :-) about who contributes how much.
well, I mean a simple, step-by-step plan for GO integration. Something
that all GO apps can do in a decent time. That would not include, for
instance, moving to the shared plugin system for GNOME 2.6, since it
seems to be a task pretty big. But we can start planning and working on
it for GNOME 2.8.

Other things to do, which could be pretty easy, is the copy/paste stuff
you mentioned. Can we come to a "standard" to be used?

Then, the graph engine in libgoffice would be a pretty good thing. I'm
not sure how difficult is that, Jody?

I think this could be a good simple plan for the next release. But we
really should have a continous plan on things to work to make apps
integrate better, at any time.


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