Re: creation of "business management software"

According to Martin Sevior <msevior mccubbin ph unimelb edu au>:
> Hi Micah,
> 	This sounds like an ideal opportunity to use various bits of
> gnome-office for parts of the project. 
> gnumeric for calculations/data-base, gnome-db for data-base and the
> embedded abiword component for your invoice/billing/sales/purchase report
> generation.
> I don't know about POS stuff though.

The POS business is really in the area of VAR. You usually sells a
black box which contains software, with a support. And support is
important. I remember once in a clothes shop were they rebooted twice
the machine because machine was caps-locked. I told them about the key
:-) (and unfortunately I did not get a discount). Those boxes where
some Windows NT with custom software. This is were Linux can have a
role to play: offer a stable a mature platform that can be customized
for specific use.

I remember that JWZ developped a small POS for barmaid for his DNA
Lounge. See That was a small hack, but it
looked nice and simple.


PS: I have my own ideas on the topic, if anyone want to discuss it
privately, feel free to contact me.

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