Please think about this

I expect to be flamed for this - but it's worth it to say my
piece.  I joined this list in hopes that I could contribute
to Linux on the Desktop.  I am VERY tired of hearing that it
can't be done.  You folks are the ray of light that I was
looking for.  Unfortunately, I have become ill and I await
the results of tests to discover how much longer I have.  I
am not in the position to commit to a project - but perhaps
some day.  I write you today to share a recent experience.

Windows people see me using Linux and are interested.  They
are truly amazed at some things I do - even though they are
at best simple/basic Linux functions.  Now I have several
companies interested in making the change to Linux.

So, I decided to slow down and pay close attention to how I
work - and how a Windows person would view it.

The first thing I "caught" myself doing was opening a terminal
window and using the find command to find a file.  Why?

I use Red Hat 7.2 and 7.3.  The Nautilus file manager does
not have a way to find a file.  The Nautilus online manual
shows "Find" and "Services" but they don't really exist.

The official Red Hat reply to my Service Ticket is:
Nautilus is not their software and they provide no support.
They sent me to a Nautilus site that was closed 1 year ago.
They also suggested other file managers like KDE's Konqueror
or even Gnome search tool when logged on as root.

My problem is that no one from the windows world will
understand that separation of o.s. and File Manager.  Nor
will they buy into handing out root priv to all users.

The most important thing here is the total lack of support.
This plays directly into the hands of the windows folks.
Perhaps there is a simple answer - but Red Hat doesn't
know it - and that is a problem.  Have I researched this
carefully? - No  The actions I took were what I believed a
new/windows convert would take.

Why should you care?  I don't see how we can present a viable
Office product when it may appear to some that there isn't
a viable Desktop.  Gnome Desktop - Gnome Office - hey it's
all the same "company".  Remember, consider the audience.

I hope someone on the list knows who to talk to.  Whether
it be to wake up Red Hat to where the support is or speak
to Gnome Desktop folks.

I suspect many of you will not think that this is our
problem - I think it is.  Flame away.

Thanks for your ear -

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