libole2 -> libgsf

libole2 is now officially orphaned.
It has been replaced by libgsf.  The replacement has function ole
import and export (including files > 6.8meg) and is in active use in
Gnumeric.  The API seems solid but I'd like to see more testing
before doing an official release.  There are a few requests 

1) Build tests
    This is especially for abiword developers the reigning XP kings.  
    Please try libgsf out on your plethora of platforms.  It has
    a very light set of depends.
	- zlib
	- libxml2
	- glib-2.0

    There are optional wrappers for bonobo and gnome-vfs but neither
    is a requirement.

2) API critique
    We've kicked it around a fare amount in Gnumeric, especially on
    the import side.  There is solid support for text based import,
    a gzip wrapper and libxml connections (sax & dom).  The output
    side has only been used in the excel exporter.  However, our
    local purification artist has validated things and we should be
    pretty stable for a 1.0 release.  Please poke at it and complain
    now or live with it later.

Known issues
    - The OLE meta data parser from libole2 has not be transfered
      yet.  I'll bring it over whenever I can discuss an abstract
      metadata api with the abifolk.  Ideally the same interface can
      be used for xml, and OLE.

    - The VBA parser does not work.  I'm still trying to find
      someone that can find the last bit of the format necessary to
      extract the vba.  Right now we can decompress the source (if
      available) but my goal is to bypass that entirely and parse
      the p-code directly.  That would enable us to ignore vba, and
      just use the pre-parsed code to generate a different language
      (eg python)

    - The zipfile import/export is not complete.  Heck it is not
      really even started.  With luck a developer may start on that

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