Re: libole2 -> libgsf

According to Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org>:
> libole2 is now officially orphaned.
> It has been replaced by libgsf.  The replacement has function ole
> import and export (including files > 6.8meg) and is in active use in
> Gnumeric.  The API seems solid but I'd like to see more testing
> before doing an official release.  There are a few requests 
> 1) Build tests
>     This is especially for abiword developers the reigning XP kings.  
>     Please try libgsf out on your plethora of platforms.  It has
>     a very light set of depends.
> 	- zlib
> 	- libxml2
> 	- glib-2.0

It also depends on gnome-common scripts for the build system. My main
issue with that is the fact that does check for a specific
version of GNU libtool. That is a BIG problem since on MacOS X libtool
is a propriery Apple thingy, and that Fink (or other UNIX tools
distro) provide GNU libtool as glibtool. All in all, that break, and I haven't seen any quick and easy workaround.

In short, I'll vote against the use of this library in AbiWord until
those issues are resolved, otherwise I'd get stuck for a while in the
Cocoa port.

The other issue is glib-2 dependency, since AbiWord is still not gtk2
compatible, that WILL conflict. (and I'm not sure how this would make
my life easier in the Cocoa port since I use glib, not glib2)


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